Welcome to Eclipse Retractable Fly Screens


We are a Melbourne based manufacturing company specialising in retractable fly screens
for difficult to screen doors and windows.
Eclipse Retractable Fly Screens are Australian owned and manufactured locally in Keysborough, Victoria. 
You can enjoy today's alfresco way of living by bringing your outdoor area indoors and free from annoying
Eclipse Retractable Fly Screens are a roll away fly screen with a safety brake which allows you to open slide and stop the screen wherever you want. The screen's components include a housing, handle, and a top and bottom track. Inside the housing is a spring loaded tube which the mesh is attached to.  The outer edge of the screen is attached to a handle which allows the fly screen to be pulled along the tracks to the desired position. The fly screen can be retracted back into its housing when not in use. The size of the housing is a 50mm square cylinder. This gives the consumer the benefit of the open view as well as saving on the space taken up by more traditional opening screens. This helps to protect the fly screens from dust, dirt and damage when not in use.
Eclipse Retractable Fly Screens are user friendly, due to the safety brake, which allows you to open, slide and stop the screen in any position that you desire. When you release the handle it automatically stops and locks in place.  Eclipse Retractable Fly Screens are designed for bi-fold doors, french doors, stacker doors, sliding doors, double hung, shug, bifold and servery widows as well as many other hard to screen openings. Eclipse Retractable Fly Screens are suitable for timber and aluminium doors and windows.