Retractable screens

pull down fly screens             ideal for kitchen servery windows

Screening Servery Windows is now easier than ever with the Eclipse pull down retractable fly screen.
The Eclipse Brake locks the screen closed with a seamless seal without the use of magnets or latches enabling flush finish on a windowsill or benchtop.
Many hard to screen windows such as casement and double-hung windows can be easily screened with the pull down unit. The screen simply rolls up into a 50mm square cylinder that is installed  at the top or on each side of your window for larger openings. The screen can also be recessed allowing blinds and shutters to be fixed without any interference to the retractable screens.
The Safety Brake on the Eclipse retractable fly screen means the screen can remain open with enough space to allow you to serve and pass the food to the outside.  The screen will not retract until you release the brake by twisting the handle and sliding it upwards. The brake will automatically engage and stop the screen from sliding if the handle is accidently released.