Double fly screen doors

double doors          ideal for french, bi-fold & stacker doors

The Eclipse double fly screen is the perfect solution for discreetly screening larger openings and are ideal  for double french, bi-fold, sliding and stacker doors. 
The retractable fly screen systems make conventional fixed door and window fly screens a thing of the past.  The unique design allows the screens to retract and be virtually out of sight when not in use.  The retractable fly screens can be made to fit almost any door application including in-swing or out-swing doors, patio doors, entrance doors, french doors,  bi-fold doors, sliding doors and stacker doors.
The safety brake on the Eclipse fly screen is especially useful in the double application as one screen can be pulled to the middle and locked into position simply by letting go of the handle. It will stay there held by the brake, as you bring the other handle to meet it. One screen can then be opened and closed without any fear of the other one flying back into its housing. The safety brake also prevents the screen from creeping and retracting back into the housing when bumped.
A double Eclipse Retractable  Fly Screen can screen a 4 metre wide opening (that is with a maximum height of 2.2m) or up to 2.7m high if the width is less than 3 metres.
Custom made in over 100 different colours the Eclipse Retractable  Fly Screen has a 50mm housing that sits discreetly to the side of your frame keeping unwanted insects out.