Single fly screen doors

single door                         enjoy the view and keep the insects out


The single Eclipse Retractable flyscreen is ideal for smaller doorways or windows where restricted space would make it impracticable to have a normal swinging or sliding screen door. The single retractable flyscreen door is ideal for front and feature doors as the discreet housing hides the screen when it is not in use. Another advantage of the single retractable screen is that the see through mesh does not obstruct the view because it spans the whole opening.  The retractable fly screen can screen an opening of up to 2 metres wide at 2.2 metres high or 1.2 metres wide at 2.7 metres high.
The Eclipse Retractable Screens are an attractive, slimline screen that will enhance the decor of your home allowing you to entertain outside while keeping the insects out.
Once again the Eclipse single flyscreen is available in the full range of Dulux Powder Coat colours.