Frequently asked questions


Q.  Will the Eclipse Retractable Screen match my decor?
A.   Yes, we use the Dulux Powder Coating colour range of over 100 colours.
Q.   Is it necessary to remove the retractable screen during the winter months?
A.   No, the discreet slimline 50mm housing is compact and unobtrusive.
Q.   Will the mesh blow out during windy conditions?
A.    No, The Eclipse Retractable Screens have a deeper track to prevent blowout.
Q.   What happens if someone accidently runs into the screen?
A.   The mesh of the Eclipse Retractable Screen will simply push out and then spring back into the track.
Q.   Will the metal components be affected by the weather?
A.    No, the housing, handle and tracks are all powder coated aluminium and will withstand all weather conditions.
Q.   What type of mesh is used?
A.    The Eclipse Retractable Screens use a high quality durable fibreglass mesh specifically made to our specifications and imported by us.
Q.   Will the Eclipse Retractable Screens fit non-standard size doors?
A.    All Eclipse Retractable Screens are custom made for your door or window opening guaranteeing a perfect fit for your doors and windows.
Q.   What maintenance is required to keep my retractable screens operating correctly?
A.    The Eclipse Retractable Screens are a low maintenance product.  The protective housing protects the mesh from dust, dirt and sun damage when the screen is not in use.  
Q.   What warranty applies?
A.   There is a 5 year written warranty on the unit, with a 12 month warranty on the mesh for normal wear and tear.
Q.   Can an Eclipse Retractable Screen be fitted to existing doors and windows? 
A.    Yes, all Eclipse Retractable Screens are retro fitted and therefore all homes, from heritage homes to modern homes, are suitable for the Eclipse Retractable Screen.